Ultra Grating

Ultra Grating

Product information

MEISER developed the ultra grating many years ago in order to offer cut-to-size companies an alternative to the conventional press welded mats in the form of a press locked grating design. Specially developed joining technology guarantees a solid connection between the bearing and cross bars. This can even be supplemented by spot welding upon request. The ultra grating mat is therefore ideally suited for further processing, as it is almost impossible for the cross bars to become loose during sawing.

The ultra grating mat is also available in cross bar lengths up to 1,500 mm, so that the offcuts are significantly smaller in comparison to the press welded mat. The ultra grating mat is always trimmed and available in our stock programme in various mesh spacing and sizes. Upon request, the cross bar side can also be edged.

Technical data

Common mesh spacing

Bearing bar Cross bar
33,3 33,3 66,6 99,9
66,6 33,3 66,6 99,9


Standard bearing bar profiles

Bearing bar 2 mm Bearing bar 3 mm
25/2 25/3
30/2 30/3
35/2 35/3
40/2 40/3