MEISER România SRL is founded in March 1998 as a cooperation of two companies under the name MEISER Eco S.R.L. in order to be able to market the grating manufactured by MEISER Ferroste in Hungary in Romania.

Against the background of the situation prevailing at the time, the initial years are very difficult.

In 2001, MEISER Eco becomes a wholly-owned subsidiary of MEISER Ferroste and changes its name to MEISER România SRL.

In the following period, the company treads a path of sustainable growth and achieves a leading position on the Rumanian grating market under its own steam.

In order to strengthen the business activities, a warehouse is opened in 2004 in Ploiesti so that the southern section of the country can also be supplied more easily.

Whereas the items on offer were initially limited to grating, now the entire product range of MEISER România is marketed. In this, Mr Alexandru Gál receives the full trust of the Meiser family.

Founded: 1998
Employees: 8
Business areas: Marketing of grating, sheet metal profile grating and staircase systems
Sales region : Romania


Meiser România SRL