Safety at work

We take special responsibility for occupational safety and health protection at MEISER and are strongly committed to preventing accidents at work and occupational diseases and to finding prevention.

All our machines and production facilities correspond to the current state of safety technology, which is maintained by regular internal and external tests. When purchasing or building new production facilities, we insist on the CE procedure.

Our employees receive safety-related training during recruitment and through regular repeat instructions. Our driving and control personnel are trained and tested by an internal instructor in accordance with the necessary state and BG regulations. Additional training as a "competent person" at approved and certified bodies such as TÜV, DEKRA and Berufsgenossenschaft imparts special safety-related knowledge to the corresponding employees.

A highly trained occupational safety specialist continuously monitors, promotes and documents these processes and is in constant contact with the management in this regard.

All these measures ensure that safety and health are anchored at MEISER at all levels of the company.