To us, service equals solving customer problems. You can rely on our commitment to do so thus ensuring modern and premium quality products with top capacity and performance. The process starts with our comprehensive planning services. As GRP experts we have been able to plan its use faster and more efficiently than anybody else dealing only occasionally with such products. Unusual tasks are our challenges. We do not merely wish to realize your ideas with our products but to expand our library of solutions as well. New tasks are not solely a technical challenge but our opportunity to improve and develop the company as well.

Just ask

Plan / Manufacture / Assemble

Planning, manufacturing and assembly – all from a single source.

Constant development and innovation enables us to meet all your needs.

Service has top priority with us. This means:

  • advice on design, standards and rules
  • drafting assembly and production drawings
  • providing proof of stability
  • developing client-specific tailored solutions.

Quality assurance can be taken for granted. Our designs comply with DIN/EN standards, occupational safety rules and accident prevention requirements.

Optimising panels:

You know what grating sizes you need but haven‘t time to use standard lengths. Or you have to make so many adjustments that a shipment of prefab gratings would be uneconomical.

Try mats – we have plenty in stock. Just work out how many you need.


Safety Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet (Acc. EU-code 91/155/EU)


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Grating & pultruded profiles made of GRP (glassfiber feinforced plastics)

Safety Data Sheet sealer varnish

Safety data sheet according to 1907/2006/EC, Article 31