Stephuit FH

Stephuit FH


Stephuit FH flame-retardant

State-of-the-art transformer tray covering!

Stephuit FH has been thoroughly tested for its effectiveness in mineral oil fires and certified by the Leipzig Institute for Materials Research and Testing (MFPA). This plank is therefore particularly suitable for installations at risk of fire, for example as transformer tray covering.

The installation system
The STEPHUIT-FH guarantees quick and easy handling during assembly/disassembly due to the special installation system with plug connection. .

Inspection flap
Service opening with hinge, available in sizes 570x570mm, 800x800mm and 1.000x1.000mm

Inspection opening
Service opening for removal without hinge, available in sizes 570x570mm, 800x800mm and 1.000x1.000mm

Earthing bracket / earthing nut, welded on or bottom welded

All advantages at a glance

  • Easy assembly & disassembly via plug-in system
  • Short failure/switch-off times of the transformers
  • Faster maintenance times for collecting trays, e.g. for cleaning
  • Inspection openings can be integrated
  • Customer-specific adaptation possible
  • Highest flame-retardant effect and drainage



Technische specificaties

Materiaal Plaatdikte Beoordeling RH
Raw / thermisch verzinkt [DD11] 2,0 / 2,5 / 3,0 R11
Staal sendzimir [DX51] 150 / 180 / 240 / 300
Aluminium [AIMg3] 40 / 50 / 75 / 100
Roestvrij staal (1.4301) bis 2.800 mm

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