CTP Merdiven Sistemleri - Ladders

CTP Merdiven Sistemleri - Ladders

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Meiser GRP-ladders are made of high quality pultruded GRP-profiles. They are manufactured acc. DIN EN ISO 14122-4 and in dependence of EN 131. As a standard the walk thru of all GRP-ladders is 400 mm (500 mm upon request).

GRP-ladders consist of the following components:

-     Ladder beam made of square tube 50x50 mm (incl. connectors for ladder- lengths over 6 m) and end caps

-    Ladder rungs with a corrugated surface.

Acc. to the application the following extras are available:

- floor mount kids with GRP-feets

- wall mount kids

- safety basket for ladder lengths of more than 3 m with 5 number of vertical backings + Omega- &/or U-formed cage hoops and the following options:

a)   with lateral (left or right) opening for platform access

b)   With widening at top of ladder for simplified entrance & exit.

c)    with a 700 mm wide frontal exit

d)   with an extendible handle bar

e)   with an intermediate (resting) platform incl. guardrail & wall mounting kids

Intermediate (resting) platform

Acc. norm DIN EN ISO 14122-4 a ladder with a total length of more than 6 m must be splitted in (min. 2) sections. The access of the platform is secured by a lateral opened ladder basket. The platform consists of GRP-construction profiles, an GRP-guardrail and a GRP-grating.