Profile Planking

MEISER sheet metal profile grating is an alternative to standard MEISER grating, especially when large span widths have to be bridged or a more closed surface is required. (more)

Surface with serrations

Perforations / embossing

Slotted surface

Closed surface

Flame - retardant

Special shapes

Fall protection mats

Profile Planking

The special embossing and perforation of the surface ensure very high levels of slip resistance. Everywhere in industry where work is carried out with glide-enhancing substances, sheet metal profile grating is a good choice. The possibility of producing elements of up to a length of 6,50 metres ensures fast installation, which is further accelerated with innovative fixing clips that we have developed ourselves. For indoor applications it is also possible to use sheet metal profile grating consisting of sendzimir-galvanised steel strip. This results in a significant cost advantage. One special field is non-flammable sheet metal profile grating. This version has been tested and certified by the MFPA (Material Research and Testing Institute) and is suitable, for example, as a transformer tray covering.